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Our mission is to help God's children connect to the world and let their light shine.


Wesley United Methodist Church

Services Pricing

His Eyes provides custom pricing that is tailored specifically to your needs. Contact Us today for a quote. Many competitors either build development costs into large monthly fees and lock you into long term contracts or have smaller fees with template-based sites. At His Eyes, we support a one-time development cost that covers the life of your website and we build the site custom to your needs.

Services Pricing

  • Custom design & web services
  • Online calendar & events
  • Member directory and services
  • Prayer room
  • Online donations
  • Contact and other custom forms
  • Graphic design
  • His Eyes offering membership directory *

The Love Offering

We recognize that many small congregations have not developed a web presence because the cost can be prohibitive. But our mission is that these congregations should still be able to outreach on the web. So we've provided a solution, the love offering. This is a basic, no frills template-based site, but it is still professionally engineered and includes all the basics to get started on the web. And the only fee we charge to produce this site is a love offering collection from your church.
  • Sharp, professional templated site
  • Descriptions of ministries and programs
  • Church location and service times
  • Statement of faith
  • His Eyes offering membership directory *

As a gift to all our clients, His Eyes provides a membership directory with a secure, members only searchable directory and a prayer room page, which allows members to submit prayer requests that can then be seen by other prayerful members, as an offering to you.