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Our mission is to help God's children connect to the world and let their light shine.


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His Eyes, LLC. is committed to helping churches, schools, businesses and ministries connect to the world through the web and social media. We provide affordable and professional web design and development that will take your organization to the next level when communicating to your members, clients, or customers.

We have a particular heart and focus on Christian ministries. Too many churches are unable to take advantage of the opportunities that properly designed professional websites have to offer. If they have a website at all, it likely doesn't function at its full potential. It is our mission to help churches shine their light into the World Wide Web.

The inspiration to start His Eyes started back in 2009. His Eyes founder, Jason Groshart, has 20 years software engineering experience, with the past 5 years focusing specifically on web development and technology. Jason's career burned bright and he quickly rose to a managerial position, responsible for multi-million dollar products. While achieving success in his career, he remained lost. After confronting failure in his personal life, he moved to Sedalia, Mo., to be closer to family.

Sedalia brought new opportunities in web development. But most importantly, Jason became involved in a local church and was saved in June 2009. After seeing the light of Christ, Jason knew that he could never go back to just having a career and has since focused his attention on developing ways to personally and professionally expand the church.

Secular business has a tremendous grasp of how to leverage the web and social media in order to reach out to customers and discover new opportunities. Too often, churches struggle to use technology to reach out. The mission of His Eyes is to change that and help small and large ministries reach into the darkness of the web and shine a light for all to see.

We offer a complete package of services: website design and development, site hosting, email, search engine optimization and social media services, content management and content creation. We also offer special pricing to needy ministries so you can get started with your site today.